The Power Of Recognition

The Power of Recognition


An authentic seafood restaurant, a luxury event planner, and a loved community church—What could these small businesses possibly have in common? If you’re stumped, so were we until we found two powerful links between the unique companies and their passions.


First is their drive to be sustainable, and while the businesses are different, they all have successfully implemented innovative methods to greenify their companies. Second is their belief that recognition for being green is essential in order to inspire others to do the same. That’s why New Orleans’ Café Carmo Resturant, InNOLA Events and Design, and First Grace Church are looking forward to Life City’s Fifth Annual Green Games Gala this year in hopes of being awarded as a green business and seeing other local leaders in sustainability celebrated for their achievements.


LifeCity’s Fifth Annual Green Games event is New Orleans' sustainability event of the year. On May 12th, 2016, our city's business leaders will take over Eiffel Society for a glamorous academy awards like program honoring awardees, networking, and live entertainment. Over the last five years, LifeCity has presented over 100 awards for sustainable achievements and empowered change-makers to take on the next steps in their sustainability missions. Besides the obvious fun, the owners of these three local businesses explain why LifeCity’s Green Games Gala is on their schedule.


Founder and creative director of InNOLA Events and Design, Maria Marginnis says, “I think it is super important to recognize and celebrate local green businesses in New Orleans because we are all working together as a community to make it a more sustainable place to live and to work.” After planning an event, Marginnis resells each occasion’s equipment online to be reused by new clients in an effort to decrease her company’s waste. For other small business owners looking to be sustainable Marginnis says, “Start small and take one step at a time. The small things add up and can make an impact in the sustainability of your company.” 


Pastor Shawn Anglim at First Grace United Methodist Church is taking his first small steps by setting green goals during this year’s lent. From Ash Wednesday to Easter First Grace Church has opted to cut back on buying, using, and throwing away nonperishable items. Anglim said, “LifeCity has come in and with the help of the staff, we have come up with a plan of collective composting and recycling.” Most importantly, Anglim talks about getting people onboard with the new green goals. “We’ve created this sort of atmosphere of joy,” says Anglim “Where people have become interested in recycling, joy and celebration is much more effective than shame or guilt.” With this in mind, Anglim recounts his favorite small step towards sustainability “The other day, we had an older woman come forward and say she recycled for the first time in her life and, of course, we had to celebrate that.”


Today, and for the rest of the weekend, Café Carmo’s founder Dana Honn will be doing just that—celebrating new and green ways to better their business. In his case, bettering his business means discovering new, green ways of catching and cooking fresher fish. “The Event is Called Slow Fish 2016,” says Honn “People from all over the world are coming to New Orleans to talk new techniques and innovations.” At the event, there will be chefs, live music, food, and new ideas; exactly the kid of event to get people recognizing new ways their businesses can be made more sustainable. At the event, Honn hopes to further greenify his seafood restaurant on top of being a LifeCity member and supporting local economy by buying directly from their New Orleans fishermen.


Seeing these three local businesses and their creative methods of sustainability, we are excited to celebrate all of New Orleans’ achievements in making this a greener city. Like these local leaders described, the positive celebration of green achievements will hopefully inspire others to make changes in their businesses and lives. So finally, it seems that our three businesses have one more thing in common—That they will all be together at the Green Games Gala on May 12th

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