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Deaux LocalSylvain in the heart of the French Quarter 


The best part about living in this city is encountering the vibrant people that contribute to New Orleans unique flavorsliterally. Recently while pursuing bite size samples from local restaurants at a fundraiser, I tasted a delicious, clean, fragrant endive bite created with local ingredients by Executive Chef Martha Wiggins of Sylvain. Funny thing is, I pass Sylvain at least twice weekly and gaze at the menu several times telling myself that the next time I’m in the French Quarter I will pop in and try them out. 


Sylvain is literally steps away from Jackson Square, at 625 Chartres Street and nestled in a three-story carriage house built in 1776 by the famous Architect Don Andres Almonaster y Roxas. 


Old world, meets modern elegance at this Americana gastropub and Chef Martha shared that she supports local purveyors buying local and using the freshest products.  


If you happened to stumble through the French Quarter on a hot summer day on one of your jaunts, take the time to stop in Sylvain and try the Champagne cocktail with cava and lavender infused sugar cubeit quenches while the bubbles hypnotize. If you are sticking to light fareyou can’t go wrong with the peach and heirloom tomato salad with a chèvre and avocado vinaigrettea perfect summer salad and to finish a Watermelon gazpachowonderfully refreshing. Sylvain is an oasis of style and unmatched quality in the French Quarter. 

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