On the Move With April


On the MOVE with April DupreBalancing Fitness & Fun in the Big Easy 


I had the pleasure to sit down with April who was in the midst of coordinating a few community events and celebrating the joyous occasion of finding a new home with her fiancéThis dynamo is responsible for bringing fun and fitness N’awlins style. April a native Orleanian has always been a mover and shakerliterallyfirst as a dancer then her path led her to health & wellness guru then leading the way in community wellness through her company Footprints to Fitness. April’s company goal is to help others, “Join the Journey” by inspiring folks to live a fun and balanced life, while staying true to the New Orleans culture.    


Depending on your lifestyle there are plenty of offerings such as weekly Group Training Classes, signature Healthy Happy Hours, and/or custom wellness events designed so youll have a great time. Theres something for everyone regardless of your fitness level. I like to also mention that Footprints is now offering CPR/AED certification Its so important to be prepared to help others in need.  


Depending on whatever you are looking forThe website is easy to navigate and you can easily logonsign up or message me for designing an eventthen SHOW UP! 

April shares that her style of group trainings is not just a workout...its an experience! We get sweaty, frustrated, and motivated all in one session. We laugh, love, inspire each other, and dance...we love to dance! We have tons of energy while jamming to some awesome tunes.” Also, we have our signature Fitness Fusion class combining all the following: Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Cardio Strength Training, and Weight Training ALL IN ONE SESSION! 

Our Corporate Wellness development is cutting edge. I find that if you take the typical seated team building gatherings and shake it up with movement, and interactionthis creates a memorable experience that will have all stakeholders checking their calendars for the next Footprints gathering. Wcreate scavenger hunts, Yoga and Pilates sessions, meditation, adult arts & crafts, and more. Companies set their intention and we create an experience for the group that will boost team productivity and morale. 

In addition to April’s Corporate Wellness Programs she shared one of her most popular events tends to be the Healthy Happy Hour and Community Events. Partnering with local organizations or venues offering a post work-out with music, food, beverages, and fun N’awlins style wellness 

Take the first step to finding your fitness balance by checking out April’s website at www.FootprintsToFitness.com.  


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