Swegs: Small Changes, Big Wins

SWEGS is an acronym for Small Wins Equal Great Success. This corporate mantra informs the guiding thought behind SWEGS Kitchenthat incremental improvements in nutrition can produce profound results. SWEGS Kitchen (“SWEGS”) believes that a healthy lifestyle is achieved through positive behavioral change, which occurs on a daily, incremental basis. Habits are made and changed in the same way, through acceptance, readiness, and repetition.  


SWEGS is one of the most interesting new food and healthy living concepts in New Orleans! In January they opened up their new flagship location in Mid-City with more to come in the New Orleans area. 


SWEGS’s mantra is to share healthier approach to classic New Orleans dishes and comfort foods. Built by a team of talented chefs, restaurateurs, and licensed nutrition professionals, they seek to design the perfect balance of taste and nutrition in every meal. They have something for all types of health conscious eaters from vegans to palos  


New Orleans is seeing the rise of restaurants that promote themselves as a healthy lifestyle company. Great food and fun should be packed with flavor and wellness. SWEGS is taking the first step into combining the flavors of New Orleans and the lifestyles that will keep us enjoying them for years to come! 


Indulge without a compromise.  


To learn more go to http://swegskitchen.com or stop by one of their new locations.  

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