NOLA Love a Pit Foundation

Love a Pit Foundation gives pets a new leash on life.

The Love a Pit Foundation helps underdogs (and cats) get a new start at life. The animal rescue organization was founded in 2009 by employees of the Metairie Small Animal Hospital who just couldn’t turn a blind eye to animals suffering from neglect, abuse, and homelessness. Over the eight years, Love a Pit has rehabilitated and found homes for dogs suffering from heartworm disease, puppies who were extremely malnourished, animals who have been hit by a car, and orphaned kittens. Although their name is the Love a Pit Foundation, the organization has helped many different breeds of dogs and the occasional cat in need. As an all-volunteer organization, they rely on foster homes and donations to fulfill their mission of helping the furry friends in need.

To find out how you can lend a helping paw, contact Rachel Bernhardt at or visit the Love a Pit Foundation’s Facebook page.