Deaux Local

By: Julie Holman

Not for just one day or a season, but creating a life of giving mindfully. 

There are lots of ways to “give”—the simplified version is if you have the financial means, you may typically click a button and contribute online, or you can have it built into your budget or checking account, and then of course there is the old fashioned writing a check, find an envelope, lick a stamp, and drop in the mail—Voila!  

Giving of time, talents, and energy is just as valuable as the “cash” contribution and perhaps even more rewarding for some. As we shift into the holiday season it’s a valuable gift to share your personal time and talents with an organization that gives back to the community, but not just during a season—24/7-365. Below are a few organizations that would love your gift of your presence…anytime. 

  • Environmental—Gulf Restoration Network:  
  • Community Development—Green Light New Orleans:  
  • Arts & Cultural—Tipitinas Foundation Inc.:  
  • Social Innovation—Propeller Incubator:  
  • Mental Health—NAMI:   
  • Community Airwaves—WHIV-LP:     
  • Reading Radio—blind/print impaired-WRBH:     
  • Music-bearer—WWOZ: 
  • Animal Advocacy—Humane Society of Louisiana:   
  • Music & Culture—Music Culture Coalition:   
  • Kids Education & Imagination—KIDsmART:   
Meriam-Webster defines Giving or to Give—To make a present of or to grant or bestow.