Have a Ferry New Year

Algiers Ferry & Algiers Point 

Algiers Point is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, founded in 1719, a year after the French Quarter, the oldest descendant of a waterway system that began in late 1820s.  

Ferry services—Fees $2.00 per person-exact cash*  

Decrease your carbon footprint—The Algiers Ferry is a great way to commute to and from downtown. No charge for animals, bikes, or scooters. 

Fitness Path—The Algiers levee offers views across the Mississippi in both directions, popular with joggers, bike-riders, and dog-walkers. LED lights and benches line the pathway. 

Safety—Heading across the Mississippi for dinner and drinks or during Festivals and Mardi Gras, ferry use decreases the risk of alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. 

Economic Impact—A few steps off the Ferry and you will embrace historical buildings, quaint bars, eateries as well as Yoga& Wellness studios and corner parks. 

Get involved: 

  • Algiers Historic Society: www.algiershistoricalsociety.org   

  • Confetti Kids: www.confettikids.org   

  • Friends of the Ferry: www.friendsoftheferry.org  

  • Algiers Economic Development Association: www.algiersbonfire.com  

Future—Keep our Ferry’s Rollin on the River.  

If the ferries were to be discontinued, over one million pedestrians who regularly take the Algiers Ferry would have to find alternative transportation for work and play.  


Julie Holman loves all things Louisiana, especially sharing ways we can support our local economy and empower one another to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  

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