Fake Food

Fake Food—3 ways to stop stripping your body of vital nutrients.  


Inflammation is the precursor to dis-ease. Essentially Fake Food is processed food and confuses our body in many ways—bringing harm and inflammation, which can lead to infertility, diabetes, weight gain, arthritis, and hormonal imbalance. An unhealthy lifestyle will strip your body of valuable vitamins and nutrients leading to mal-absorption and malnutrition. 


  1. Eat Live Food: Avoid Fake Food. Eat an array of colorful fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid packaged, canned, salt & sugar-laden products. Remember to always wash your produce even if it is organic, farmers market, or even your backyard. Rinse your fish and fowl also. 


  1.  Go green for a week: Do you struggle with trying to find ways to eat less dairy, gluten, and meat? Try eliminating just one food group such as dairy for one week. Replace all dairy products with an alternative such as coconut, almond, or plant based products.  


  1. Movement: Any form of exercise will help with detoxification and elimination. Keep properly hydrated and let’s be honest there is only 2 ways to detox—going to the bathroom regularly and sweat. 


Sometimes a lifestyle change can be daunting, whether the change only impacts you or your whole family. Working with an experienced Certified Integrative Nutritional Health and Wellness coach, whose focus is identifying and implementing a supportive whole-body approach may be your key to a successful long-term lifestyle shift. 


Feel and look happy, radiant, and powerful with a few dietary changes that will fuel your body for a lifetime! 


Courtney Carmadelle is a New Orleans native and owner of NOLA Thermography and Wholistic Fix serving the GNO area. Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, Certified Thermography Technician, and Pilates Instructor Courtney empowers and educates families & individuals by implementing successful and realistic lifestyle changes. Call 504-648-4240 

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