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5 Ways to Stay Active Outside Gym/Studio

Trying to stick to your new year’s resolution but growing tired of the gym? Want to stay healthy during the festival season? Don’t stress. Here are five ways to burn off the calories without going to the gym. 

Belly Dancing: Unlike most full body workouts, belly dancing keeps you entertained and fully engaged. You are never staring at the clock wondering how much time is left. Belly dancing requires isolation of muscle groups, which is the ultimate way to tone your muscles. 

New Orleans Boulder Lounge: With its opening in 2015, the NOBL has created a gathering space for those focused on a healthy and active lifestyle. Like belly dancing, when climbing, participants are focused on the task at hand rather than the end goal. NOBL adds a fun challenge for all fitness levels in a new, fun, and engaging way. 

Hiking: The perfect mind-body workout, hiking allows your joints, heart, and muscles to perform in distinct ways and results in a larger caloric burn than walking. The uneven ground on a hike recruits’ different muscles than flat surfaces and therefore strengthens a lot of muscles in the hips and knees, which in turn increases balance and stability. Nature also reduces your mind’s propensity to “ruminate” and increases positive mood while decreasing negative thoughts. 

City Surf: With their 35 and 50-minute full body, surf-inspired strength and conditional group classes, City Surf is designed to be the most challenging and rewarding workout. It works to change your body with a different format and workout every class leaving you with a lean, strong, and confident surfer’s physique. 

Kickboxing: To get better balance, power, and agility, kickboxing is king among workouts. Kickboxing emphasizes powerful movements and improves coordination, and both anticipatory and reactive balance. Kickboxing is a workout that keeps you energized, teaches you how to defend yourself, and never makes you feel like you’re just plugging away on the elliptical.