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Season of Giving

For many people the holidays are a time for giving back—whether that means donating to a favorite charity or helping out a family member financially. These individuals and businesses, however, do not just give back to the community during the holiday season, but do so throughout the year. These people and organizations are worth recognizing today and always.

Now, Love 

Now, Love is a non-partisan network of over 500 women in New Orleans working to keep justice, equity, inclusion, respect, anti-racism, honesty, and integrity in our community! Now, Love supports organizations doing good work and promotes learning and inspiration among members. Each month they focus on an area of import to community members and work with one local organization to facilitate a session focused on their good work. Each gathering aims to leave women inspired, expanded, and activated. 

Andrea Wimberly 

A yoga instructor in Kenner, Wimberly was certified in January and now runs Niyama Mama, a Facebook page that shares any and all yoga classes in Kenner (regardless of who is teaching) as well as Kenner Zen Tribe a collection of business owners offering yoga classes in Kenner. She teaches free outdoor classes at Rivertown Farmers Market, staff classes at the Hilton New Orleans Airport, children’s classes at Kid’s Gym in Esplanade Mall, fitness classes at Nolafitlife (also in Esplanade Mall), and substitute teaches at a brand-new studio in Rivertown called Yolagi Hollistic Wellness. Educating herself and community has become her greatest passion. 

Project Peaceful Warriors

Project Peaceful Warriors is a non-profit in New Orleans that provides educators with tangible tools from a culturally competent lens to increase focus, engagement, positive relationships, and positive classroom culture. Their programming empowers students with tools to develop self-awareness and self-regulation skills that enhance social, physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The non-profit also facilitates the application of yoga and mindfulness skills to other academic and social environments, empowers teachers to bring trauma informed yoga, mindfulness, and self-care into their classrooms to decrease behavior programs and reduce stress and anxiety. Project Peaceful Warriors ultimate goal is to cultivate a culture that promotes health and wellness in students, educators, staff, parents, and the greater community.

Lagniappe with Love

Lagniappe with Love was created in 2016 after the devastating floods in Louisiana. They came together as a group with an amazing amount of support to help our fellow Louisianians. They want to continually support the people, communities, and organizations of our state as needs arise not only from flooding but also other unfortunate situations. Lagniappe with Love strives to be a strong, compassionate, locally run organization that will help to empower, embrace, support, restore, and enhance the people, communities, and organizations of Louisiana.

Son of a Saint 

Each year, Son of a Saint selects a group of boys ages 10-13 to join the existing kids in our program. The boys must be fatherless due to their father’s incarceration, death, or abandonment. Each boy remains an official Son of a Saint mentee until he is 18, but the connections remain and we continue to advise and support him in the years that follow. Their goal is to graduate self-sufficient, independent thinkers who are leaders and give back to their community. Son of a Saint equips boys with the tools they need to become productive men. They give them hope, vision, and opportunity. They provide a secure and consistent environment for them. But the Son of a Saint mentors’ most important role is simply to be a good example.

Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans 

MGGNO’s goal is to increase the public’s love for and knowledge of gardening and responsible stewardship of the environment. Serving Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, and St. Bernard parishes, the Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans strives to aid the LSU AgCenter to meet the educational needs of home gardeners and more in our community while providing enjoyable, worthwhile service experience for our members. MGGNO is enthusiastically celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018!

Tulane Business School

TIDES volunteers come out every year with their professors—Prof. Dennis Kehoe has been doing this for over 15 years. He uses the build as a capstone to learn about economic opportunity, so he truly combines service with learning. Dennis is also one of our Core Volunteers—he comes out almost every single weekend to build.

Women’s Center for Healing and Transformation

A non-profit that opened in 2013, the Women’s Center for Healing and Transformation offers a wide variety of services to women, and some men and children too, on a “pay as you’re able” basis. They do not have government funding or large grants and both co-directors are volunteers, as is most of the staff. They collaborate with psychotherapists to provide holistic mental health services, support groups, and internships in community-based mental health with several major universities. They focus on healing and transformation not of only individuals and their families, but on society, to build a culture that respects women and girls and all people of various backgrounds for a more peaceful community.